AI-powered Insect Monitoring for your Cornfield

Protect your crops against cotton bollworms (Helicoverpa armigera), save money on pesticides, and experience worry-free farming with SMAPP Mini.


€78 in the first year

€29 from the second year

AI-powered insect monitoring system

  • Easy to install and integrate

  • Provides reliable real-time data

  • Insect recognition based on AI analysis

Add one device per every 2 hectares

SMAPP LAB Mini - Smart insect trap

Camere-based sensors that monitor the daily insect pressure.

49 each

SMAPP LAB app subscription - 1 year (renewable)

Daily insect data, More than 95% accuracy, webapplication and mobile application access, insect heatmap.

29 / year

Order your SMAPP mini

We ship it within 3-5 days

Optimal yield protection

Remote access to information against pests

We help you protect your yield with real-time data

Save money on pesticides

Cut costs, and boost profits: SMAPP Mini optimizes pesticide use, saving you money on effective pest control.

Photo by Olaf Leillinger

Advanced Yield Protection

Through AI-powered monitoring, SMAPP Mini safeguards crop yields by providing proactive measures against potential pest threats.

Real-Time Decision Making

The system offers real-time data on insect presence, empowering farmers to make timely and informed decisions about when to use insecticides.

How We Protect Your Produce

Every day Smapp Mini takes a picture

Our SMAPP SYSTEM analyses the picture and our agronomist team validates it

You will receive a daily analyzed image, providing insight into the actual pest activity that occurred

Maximilian K.

A state-of-the-art insect monitoring service at 1/5 the cost of the competition, for effective pest control without spending a fortune.

Lena S.

This revolutionary application enables remote pest monitoring, eliminating the need for field inspections and ensuring effective pest control.

Alvaro G.

The Smapplab service increased yields and profits by 40% in the first year, significantly optimizing agricultural production.

Dr. Camila E.

Thanks to this product, farmers can reduce the use of pesticides through precise control, allowing them to fight pests in time and achieve healthier crops.

Frequently Asked Questions